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New Zealand Maritime Index - Overview

The purpose of the New Zealand Maritime Index is to enable people to retrieve information from magazines and books. Parts of the index will have a lot of details but it is not intended as a substitute for the magazines and books themselves. The object is to give enough information about the article or book to enable the researcher to decide whether it is worthwhile to see the original source.

The most detailed part of it is the Vessels table, which has the capacity to contain a lot of information about each vessel and its history. The purpose is to give enough detail to distinguish between vessels of the same name, but researchers will need to view the article or book for the full information on the vessel in many cases.

Our focus is on the history of vessels and their careers, people and organisations involved with the maritime world in New Zealand. The intention is to include those topics, individuals, and organisations covered by the article which are in any way significant. Therefore, this index, compared to other New Zealand maritime indexes, is intended to be very comprehensive.

Requesting a copy of an article

Photocopies of most indexed articles can be requested from the Bill Laxon Maritime Library, NZ Maritime Museum. Give the details of the article or chapter you would like. Some articles are not available from the Bill Laxon Maritime Library - see Publications in the New Zealand Maritime Index for details.
$10.00 per article, including postage and handling within New Zealand
$15.00 per article, including airmail postage and handling outside New Zealand
Prepayment can be made by Visa or Mastercard credit cards. Please advise card type, card number, expiry date and name on card.
Email your requests and payment details to or post your details and requests to:
     Bill Laxon Maritime Library
     NZ Maritime Museum
     P O Box 3141
     Shortland Street
     Auckland 1140

Links to other websites

NZMI started a project in 2006 to provide links to other websites which would provide more information on a vessel. We currently link to 3 other sites - when a vessel is known to exist on one of the sites, a link will be displayed under the Vessel entry. (When the same vessel is displayed several times in a list of vessels, the links are only displayed under the first entry - the entry with the pale blue background). Click the link to go to the site - it will open in another window, but repeated links will use the same 'new' window.

The websites we link to are shown below.


Thanks to Marleene Boyd, John Crowther, Barry Davis, Rosemary Deane, Jim Ellis, Tony des Landes, Jeremy Lowe, Tony Millatt, Janelle Penney, Graham Robinson and Ports of Auckland for getting the project this far.

We need more help - to extend the our coverage of publications already started and perhaps to index other publications. If you are interested, we would like to hear from you - please email us.


If you have comments or suggestions about the New Zealand Maritime Index, email us.

With so many entries in the index, it is inevitable there are some errors. We strive to correct any errors we find. NZMI is an index of other sources and some of the errors are in the original document. If they are serious, we will try to index both the original and the corrected information.

More Information...

There is more information available on the Index and how to use it. Go to Searching the New Zealand Maritime Index.

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